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Tiny Foldable Studio Apartment Listed for $469,000

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Third-grade teacher Eric Schneider bought this 450-square-foot studio on the Upper West Side in 2005, paying $235,000. It cost him another $70,000 to have architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects turn the place into an inventive, origami-like, "four-room" pad (watch the video for a better idea of how it folds together). Now, Schneider has put the apartment on the market for $469,000. The fact that he stayed as long as he did — almost a decade — can probably be counted as a point in the apartment's favor, unlike, say, the similarly foldable studio apartment in Greenwich Village, where the owner lasted a couple years (or the model studio in the Museum of the City of New York, where we lasted one night before getting evicted).

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