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Walker Tower's Newest Amenity: The Backup Apartment

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Sales have been more than robust at Chelsea luxury condo conversion Walker Tower, with one penthouse setting a Downtown record, celebrity purchases, and ridiculous flip attempts. But while all that stuff is pretty standard for hot condo developments, the building is now offering a fairly unusual amenity to go along with the 6,738-square-foot Penthouse Two: an additional one-bed, two-bath apartment on the building's ninth floor. The two apartments cost $51.5 million together, or $47.5 million for just the penthouse (ha ha, "just the penthouse"). Apartment no. 9F, which was originally set aside by the developers to be used for "business use," is not being offered on its own.

Walker Tower Sales Director Vickey Barron tells us that a similar deal was offered in 15 Central Park West, so this isn't the first, although it is obviously quite rare. According to Barron, the ability to purchase a second apartment in a building is something that is actually coveted by buyers of a certain stratospheric level of wealth. And, in truth, the ability to have your parents visit and put them up in your building but not your apartment does have a definite appeal to it. The second apartment could also be used an office or workspace if you are, say, a writer who has the ability to spend $50 million on an apartment (so, basically, if you're J.K. Rowling). Plus, if you're already dropping $47.5 million, what's another $4 million?
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