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$11M Tribeca Loft Boasts Bed On Wires, See-Through Bathroom

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This 4,000-square-foot Tribeca pad has a lot of attractive features, like a kitchen that looks equipped to cater a party of 100, 12-foot barrel vaulted ceilings, arched brick doorways with original fire doors, and a 300-square-foot terrace. So take all that Tribeca loft-y, warehouse-y goodness, add some very sleek glass-and-metal-heavy design by David Mann of MR Architecture + Decor, and voila, you get the master bedroom pictured above. It has a minimalist platform that looks like it's made of stainless steel, holding up a mattress and suspended from the ceiling by matching metal cords. It looks like a giant swing, except it probably doesn't move. (One would hope.) Some kind of engineering or physics experiment? An ultra-modern hammock? Better yet, behind it is the master bathroom, whose walls are entirely made of glass for totally kosher exhibitionism within the comfort of your own home. Good thing the other three bedrooms have en-suite baths, or else, you know. Walk-ins. And all that, on cobblestoned Greenwich Street between Laight and Vestry, will cost $10,900,000, please.

· 429 Greenwich Street #9B+ [Stribling via StreetEasy]
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