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Developers Use 'Scent Marketing'; Roof Explorer's Guide

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT—Apparently, the new tactic that developers are using to sell condos is "scent marketing," according to a press release we got. To wit: "DDG architect and real estate development firm has recently added a fragrance to their lobby at 345meatpacking" with "the help of Air Aroma, the international innovator and leader in scent design and fragrance systems with over 16 years of experience - helping companies implement scent as part of their overall branding strategy, providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies." They describe the fragrance as "green leafy notes blended with robust woods and light floral blossoms." If anyone finds him or herself in the area, please take a whiff and let us know what you think. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

UP IN THE AIR—Here's a good one for the beginning of summer: a new book called ROOF EXPLORER'S GUIDE: 101 New York City Rooftops by one Leslie Adatto, full-time roof enthusiast, is set to be released next month. It explores the city's many rooftop bars, pools, farms, tennis courts, etc. with lots of photos, maps, and more. [CurbedWire Inbox]