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Long-Awaited Hotel The Marmara Poised to Open on Park Ave.

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New luxury boutique hotel The Marmara Park Avenue on East 32nd Street is soon to open, outfitted in bespoke fixtures and local fixtures. The Journal divulges new details about the Turkish hotel brand's second New York outpost, where just about everything in the hotel, from its hand-cut bronze entry doors to its guest suite bath products, is made in New York or New Jersey. "It is a New York hotel, so that means keeping things in context with a New York attitude," the hotel's overseeing interior designer Joe Ginsberg told the Journal. Ginsberg also divulges that the hotel's look was inspired by the desert in Namibia—although we're not sure we see that. The Marmara will have 128 guest rooms including 40 with private terraces and three penthouses. Rooms will start at $550 a night.

If the address of 114 East 32nd Street sounds familiar, it's for good reason. The site's been in cahoots over the last seven years trying, but utterly failing, to become a condo conversion called Jasper. The building even got so far along that several of its units were in contract when the developer folded and buyers were recompensed as the project flirted with foreclosure. Although it does seem like a plagued building, it looks like The Marmara is setting it on the right path. No word on when specifically the hotel is going to open, but our bet is by the end of the year.
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