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Floral Explosion Townhouse Sells for 13 Percent Over Ask

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Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is is a neighborhood that developers and brokers would call "on the rise" and everyone else would call "gentrifying at a pace that defies belief." And as evidence, look no further than this insane townhouse at 17 Chester Place, which just sold — for $105,000 over ask — to Hildy Kuryk, the Director of Communications for Vogue Magazine and National Finance Director of the Democratic National Committee and her husband, Jarrod Bernstein, an ex-Obama administration official who is current a Senior Vice President at a public relations firm. The couple paid $1.5 million for the three-story house, which was listed back in October for $1.395 million. As BK to the Fullest, who noticed the sale, points out, that's around 50 percent more than comparable neighboring houses usually go for. Then again, there aren't really any comparable houses in the area because none of the other houses look like they were "decorated by Dolores Umbridge at various stages of dementia." Something tells us that the Kuryk-Bernsteins are going to be employing the services of an interior decorator in short order.

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