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Old Pier 17 Is Almost Gone, New Pier 17 To Open In 2016

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Down at South Street Seaport, the Howard Hughes Corporation is wiping away the last pieces of Pier 17. The once-beleaguered project had demolition dates initially set for last October (and they even held a ceremony for a faux "groundbreaking"), but the skeleton of the old, tourist-beloved mall still stands today, though officials say the demolition process is three-quarters complete. Press were given a short boat trip for a better view of the structure's remaining frame, alone on the pier alongside cranes and piles of rubble. Representatives from Howard Hughes say once they finish razing the structure, as well as the pier below it, the new, better, glassier mall will be built, and is slated to open by 2016.

—Hannah Frishberg
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Pier 17

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