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Heavily Discounted River House Co-op Finally Finds Buyer

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The most embarrassing apartment in the infamously stuffy River House has, at long last, found a buyer after 18 years of the two divorced owners, Arlene and Bruce Farkas, fighting for control, another six years of it being listed with a variety of brokerages, and one foreclosure auction that didn't end up happening. Originally listed for $15 million, the apartment was pricechopped down to $7.8 million before finally going into contract last week. The Journal takes this as a sign that River House has officially made its comeback, although it seems more like a case of a rising real estate tide lifting all boats. Still, sales at the secretive co-op have improved since the board lifted the building's ban on brokers mentioning its name in real estate listings, and maybe that's not coincidental. Most notably, actress Uma Thurman bought an apartment there in October for $10.3 million (although it had originally been listed for $19 million).

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