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Did the Winklevii Buy a Soho Penthouse for $14.5 Million?

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Social Network bros/Bitcoin "entrepreneurs" Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss may have just dropped a chunk of change on a penthouse in Soho, The Observer reports.

Earlier this week, real estate developer Justin Ehrlich sold his penthouse at 20 Greene Street for $14.5 million, and the buyers' Delaware address is reportedly shared with the Winklevoss twins' Bitcoin trust (the very same one they're trying to get listed on the Nasdaq). The buyer is Casterlirock LLC, an obvious nod to the ancestral home of House Lannister (coincidentally, another family of blond dicks with bizarre sibling dynamics).

At over 4,000 square feet, the recently renovated penthouse has plenty of room for both Winklevii, if they're actually planning on living out a sitcom by moving in together or something. It has Siberian white oak flooring, Argosy steel and glass, a nice little skylight, some pretty sweet 360-degree views, and an enormous wraparound terrace bigger than your apartment.

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20 Greene Street

20 Greene Street, New York, NY