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$23M Sky Garage PH Commercial Has Ferrari, Helicopter, Bling

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The world saw it coming. On this season's first episode of Million Dollar Listing New York, viewers saw superbroker Ryan Serhant team up with some Australians to make a Michael Bay-style promotional trailer for the bonkers $23 million penthouse that his team is trying to sell. It's in the Annabelle Selldorf-designed Sky Garage, a flipper's paradise in which residents can drive cars directly into an elevator that transports them to their apartments. Serhant envisioned "rope swings, Lamborghinis, supermodels, yachts, Germans and helicopters." The final product, which aired on CNBC this morning, includes what is probably a model, a ridiculous diamond necklace, a helicopter, and a Ferarri—with the whole shtick that "the world's most transformative penthouse," now re-christened the Sky Vault, is "something even better" than all those things. Oh, and the car's license plate is 20011TH, of course.
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Sky Garage

200 Eleventh Avenue, New York NY