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Marv Albert Lists Lincoln Square Penthouse for $16.5 Million

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Famed sportscaster Marv Albert has owned this 3,553-square-foot duplex penthouse in 150 Columbus Avenue since 1996, when he purchased it for $2.393 million. While the apartment itself is surely impressive, the real selling point is the 1,500-square-foot terrace, complete with many potted plants and an irrigation system, a retractable awning, lighting, and speakers. The whole apartment, in fact, is decked out with automatic lighting, music, shades, etc. as well as a TV in the bathroom mirror. Albert wants $16.5 million — $4,643 per (interior) square foot — for the place, although it seems unlikely he'll get that much. A larger, newer, and equally terraced penthouse in the building recently went into contract for $16 million — just under $3,000 per square foot — after sitting on the market for years.

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150 Columbus Avenue, New York, Ny

150 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023