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New West Side Tower Design 'Inspired By Chinese Lanterns'

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Renderings are out (h/t New York YIMBY) for the newest addition to the Hudson Yards Special District, and the building will not be a boring glass slab. Designed by Archilier Architecture, this new tower will rise 720-feet at 470 11th Avenue on the corner of West 38th Street, and it will hold a 410-room hotel and 51 luxury condos. Developer Blackhouse purchased the site just last month. Blackhouse is partnering with an Asian equity firm in the deal, and the team plans to market the condos to Chinese buyers—thus, the selection of a Shanghai-based design firm. The archi-babble says the look is "inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns," and the stacked, alternating cubes are punctuated by "dramatic terraces and sky pools." It looks like there will be some kind of crazy open-air lobby, too (which makes the tower look kind of like this).

Blackhouse is also developing Casa Moderne, another project on the West Side, but one that is located further south, on West 29th Street, outside of the Hudson Yards Special District.

Considering the sale of the property isn't even final yet, renderings may be a bit premature, but hopefully the end product will be at least half as interesting as what these visuals show.
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