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Marble House With Private Pool Returns To Ask Ambitious $19M

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Whoever finally purchased the troubled Marble House maisonette at Tribeca's American Express building has, after just a year and a half, re-listed the hard-to-sell home—a somewhat shocking move considering that the five-bedroom, six-bathroom triplex was plopped onto the market in 2009 for $24.5 million, and sat there until its current owner pried it from the PriceChopper's vicious jaws for $14.995 million in January 2013. The home, annointed by designer and former owner Stuart Parr after its absurd array of hand-picked marble, famously features a 45-foot-long lap pool, a "true" sauna, and private parking. It's taking a stab at the market with an $18.95 million ask, but if its track record is indicative of what's to come, the PriceChopper might again come lurking around 60 Collister Street, and soon.

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American Express Carriage House

60 Collister Street, New York, NY

The Marble House

60 Collister Street, New York, NY