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$250K/Month Palace Suites City's Priciest; F Is The Worst Train

UPPER EAST SIDE—If deep-pocketed folks are ever in a bind for a place to crash, the two themed suites at the esteemed Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue are now available for a cool $250,000/month, making them the priciest rental apartments in the city by a long shot. The three-bedroom residences are the insanely opulent Jewel Suite and Champagne Suite, which go for $25,000 a night. Curbed toured them during Hotels Week, so for a lot of ridiculous photos of things like diamond rings and a wine cave stuffed with Dom Perignon, head this way. [CurbedWire inbox; NYDN; previously]

THE SUBTERRANEAN JUNGLE—Unrelated to last week's sad derailment, the F train has just been deemed the worst line in the city—at least according to the Straphangers Campaign's third annual analysis of the subway system's electronic alerts. Gothamist has highlights: "The F train is most-delayed (followed by the 4 train), the J/Z is the best, and the number of L train delays has increased 91% in two years." The MTA replied, "saying that the electronic alerts shouldn't be read 'as
a performance metric.'" Hmm. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]