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One57 Unit That Sold Yesterday Wants $10 Million Profit

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Apparently, the person(s) who closed (more accurately, the sale hit public records yesterday, meaning the deal closed very recently) on a One57 condo yesterday under the name Escape From New York, LLC were serious — he/she/they have no intention of inhabiting the 62nd-floor unit and have already put it back on the market for $41 million, just under $10 million more than they paid for it (yesterday).

Many of the units in the Extell-developed megatower that are in the process of being closed on went into contract well over a year ago, and evidently at least one buyer believes that the values have shot up in the meantime so this might not be the last of these seemingly ridiculous resales that we'll see. But it also remains to be seen whether anyone will pay $9,145 per square foot for the apartment, especially now that a) there has been considerable backlash against the tower's design from some notable archicritics and others, and b) it's no longer the only Midtown superluxury, supertall condo tower in the game.

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