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Cynthia Rowley May Be Mending a West Village Fixer-Upper

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Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has reportedly inked a deal on a 25-foot-wide townhouse at 16 Morton Street. Currently configured as several apartments, the true fixer-upper off of Seventh Avenue South comes with a double-sixed garage and curb cutaway. The innovative designer could surely, with the aid of the several site layouts (PDF!) presented with the listing, see the potential in the red brick building—yet Rowley denies the $10.995 million purchase, "despite the designer's signature on various documents relating to the transaction" reports NYDN. With Rowley's studio just around the corner at 367 Bleecker Street, the buy seems like it fits.

More on the building: ceiling heights range from a massive 18 to 22 feet within the 4,500-square-foot building, which has been under the same ownership since 1929, or forever, as long as New York City's concerned.
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