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Crown Heights Condos; SRO Owner Bemoans Failed Shelter Bid

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CROWN HEIGHTS— held a grand opening for the newly renovated condo building at 875 Saint Marks Avenue on Thursday, May 1. The fruit of their open house labors paid off, it seems: the team reportedly received offers on each of the building's seven units, whose available listings range from a $495,000 studio to a $695,000 one-bedroom. [CurbedWire inbox;]

THE WORLD TODAY—A hotel owner is complaining about why he was denied a permit to operate a homeless shelter out of his Upper West Side SRO, citing de Blasio's announcement of his 10-year, $41 billion affordable housing plan and the administration's plan to give homeless families "preferential treatment" to get NYCHA apartments. "I don't understand why the mayor turned down my proposed shelter and shut down others when we don't have room for [homeless families] elsewhere. We should explore other options before we take apartments away from families who have been waiting for years," said Imperial Court Hotel owner Ron Edelstein. As part of his new affordable housing plan and on the heels of a media frenzy about the deplorable conditions of city homeless shelters, BdB announced that he would move many homeless families from shelters into NYCHA apartments, for which the waiting list is already over 250,000 people long. Either was you swing it—and Edelstein is definitely swung—it isn't a good situation. Maybe Edelstein's sour-puss temper has something to do with this: Taxpayers dish out as much as $3,700 a month for a room in a homeless shelter, whereas SRO's like the Imperial Court Hotel collect less than $1,000 per month for a room. [CurbedWire inbox; West Side Rag]