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Midtown West Hotel With 527 Pod Rooms Revealed, Sort Of

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Something must've gone awry with Handel Architects' design for a new pod-like hotel and residential building at 577 Ninth Avenue (alternatively 400 West 42nd Street), for the firm has been replaced by the omnipresent SLCE Architects. SLCE has come up with a more scaled-back design for the site, which—according to permits scouted by YIMBY—will accommodate 170,122-square-feet in total over 25 stories with a 36,621-square-foot, 35-apartment residential component. The remaining square footage will be claimed by 527 hotel rooms averaging 250-square-feet a pop. Permits for the site were approved on May 4, which means the buzzing west side isn't too far off from watching yet another tower rise.
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