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Coney's Long-in-the-Works Amphitheater Stalls Yet Again

It took so long for former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz to earn approval for the 5,000-seat amphitheater, eatery, and park on Coney Island's boardwalk he'd always dreamed of, and now the project has stalled yet again. For good reason, though—back in December, right after the development earned the City Council's OK, the city razed the Boardwalk Community Garden at night in the name of its construction, angering residents and green-space activists alike. A replacement garden half a mile away did little to assuage the outrage, and opponents filed a lawsuit, alleging that a Parks Department-designed slice of land cannot be destroyed. Officials counter that the garden was "decommissioned" as a park back in '04, but users say they were never told about this. In any case, court proceedings are, well, proceeding, and Bensonhurst Bean reports that construction on the amphitheater will cease until June 10, when the case is heard in Kings Count Supreme Court. Sit tight, $53 million concert venue, as your future is decided.
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— Photo of the garden getting razed in December via Facebook/NYCCGC