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25 Prince Street Penthouse Listed for $9.5 Million

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The triplex penthouse in new Nolita conversion 25 Prince Street hit the market today with an asking price of $9.5 million, which comes out to $3,855 per square foot. Broker Fredrik Eklund commemorated the occasion by posting a picture of the apartment's bathroom on his Instagram, as is his wont. A bedroom, the living room, and some sort of creepy staircase situation are also on display in the listing photos. Either Eklund or brokering partner John Gomes writes, "Staircase walls, black-painted moldings, raised paneled mill-work, paneled windows, and rich walnut herringbone flooring all coalesce to embody the roguish sophistication of the neighborhood."

The other two units (there are only three total, not counting the ground floor retail, where there is already a tenant in place) in the Omnia Group-developed conversion have both been on the market for nearly a month, asking $1.95 million and $2.15 million respectively.