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The Stack Unveils Pricing, Photos, Instructional Floorplans

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The Stack, the prefabricated Inwood development formerly known as Broadway Stack, has debuted its market-rate rental on its own website, BuzzBuzz Home reports. The pricing is starting at $1,755 for a studio, $2,400 for a 1BR, $2,850 for a 2BR, and $3,990 for a 3BR. There is also an assortment of floorplans available, on which the rooms are unconventionally labeled with a sort of optimistic spin on their functions. (Bedrooms, for example, are labeled "Dream," while terraces are "Breathe." Bathrooms are mercifully left blank.)

The 56 modules that make up the Gluck+-designed building were made in a Pennsylvania factory, then shipped to New York and assembled over the course of only 19 days. And that's how it's done, Atlantic Yards tower B2.

This new kind of floorplan actually seems like so much fun that we decided to make our own, sans the lofty positivity of the broker-created ones:

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Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY