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Decaying Parkway Hospital Will Be Converted to Condos

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Real estate investment firm Jasper Venture Group has announced plans to convert the former Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills, Queens into a condominium building. The hospital closed in 2008 after a protracted legal battle that culminated in the former owner being sentenced to four months in prison for bribing a state senator. Since then, the building has become something of an eyesore, falling further and further into disrepair. It was auctioned off in January for $22 million, but the winning bidder couldn't come through with the money and there were rumblings that it would go back on the block. That's apparently what happened as it has now come into Jasper's possession — according to their press release, they "captured" the property. "Though the hospital is over 100,000 square feet," the press release goes on to say, "Jasper wants to increase its size. Rebuilding condominiums from the ground up will breathe new life into the idle site. This location offers great expansionary opportunities. [...] This area is reminiscent of the suburban American experience." Confusingly, it ends with the sentence: "Typical of Jasper Venture Group the former Parkway Hospital will be luxurious, offering its residents a view of the lakes and their own slice of serenity amid the bustling metropolis that is Manhattan." Queens: truly the best of both worlds.

Parkway is not the only Queens hospital to close in recent years and be purchased by residential developers. In January, the St. John's Hospital building across from the Queens Center Mall sold to a consortium of Asia-based investors. In recent years, Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica was also forced to close and St. Joseph's Hospital in Flushing was converted to a drug abuse support center. Add that to the never-ending — really, it's just never going to end — Long Island College Hospital drama playing out in Brooklyn and it is definitely not the best time to be an outer borough hospital.
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