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Holly Golightly's Breakfast at Tiffany's Abode Returns for $10M

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The Lenox Hill townhouse immortalized in the Audrey Hepburn flick Breakfast at Tiffany's is back on the market after just two years. Despite its air, the fictional socialite's dwelling has a tumultuous past owing to former occupant, disgraced management consultant Peter Bacanovic, whose connection to the Martha Stewart insider trading case landed him in the pen. Only later, in 2012, did Bacanovic sell the pad to a holdings company for just under $6 million. The four-story townhouse at 169 East 71st Street is divided into two duplex units, but can be converted into a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home with the option to expand. The fictional Ms. Holly Golightly would likely not be shacking up in the abode nowadays: the 3,800-square-foot townhouse is asking $10 million.

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