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5 Beekman Ditches Netting; Scoping Woolworth From the Top

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FiDi—A tipster alerted us that the construction netting and scaffolding surrounding 5 Beekman was removed earlier today. The move must mean that the coming hotel and residences that has seen the restoration of the long-neglected Victorian atrium is moving along on-schedule for its 2015 debut. Just a week ago the much-anticipated building launched a teaser site for the building's 68 luxury apartments, known as The Beekman Residences. It seems a sales launch is nigh. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

FiDi—Another shot that reached the CurbedWire today captures a few very lucky people at the tippy-top of the new condo-conversion suites of the Woolworth Building. Converted by Alchemy Properties, the building's top 30 floors will be home to 34 one- to four-bedroom apartments. The very top of the building will be part of the uber-luxurious, five-story penthouse. Perhaps an impending sales launch here, too?

5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman St., New York, NY 10038