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See What Happens When Anyone Can Design a FiDi Hotel

Manhattan-based firm Prodigy Network is crowdsourcing the look of their next development and are calling for votes (from anyone!) on the design of the world's first "cotel". What is a cotel? TRD explains, " A building that fuses a hotel, co-working space and a LinkedIn-esque environment by offering extended-stay suites, business network events and collaborative working environments." The forward-thinking space is coming to 17 John Street, which Prodigy picked up towards the end of 2013, around the same time they announced plans to add an eight-story Winka Dubbeldam-designed glass topper to the Art Deco site. Voters can choose what they deem the best design from over 70 submissions in three categories: collaborative public spaces, fully-furnished guest suites, and digital services. While the full extent of the submissions can be found on the Prodigy Design Lab website, we've chosen to highlight just a few from the fully-furnished guest suites category that demonstrate the breadth of submissions. Oh, and voting ends on May 12. Let's take a look, shall we?

This design is grounded in the use of cork, and utilizes "elements from different cultures and epochs such as the hydraulic wall tiles on the kitchen wall, the baroque bathroom mirror, the Victorian chair, or the raw wooden table."

This dark and brooding design uses glass partition walls to facilitate the flow of light.

No sleep-overs in this murphy-bed room, inspired by a museum and designed by S & J.

Submitter Toufic describes this pad: "The concept matches the endlessly vibrant and energetic lifestyle of NewYork City, it highlights pop-art, freedom, freshness and collaboration. A full spectrum of colors to match the variable psychological preference of the eclectic crowd."

The green wall in this design symbolizes Central Park. Following the vote, remaining finalists will be reviewed by several industry officials including PSFK Labs founder Piers Fawkes and Prodigy Network founder Rodrigo Nino, who will choose the final designs in each category. In an earlier interview Rodrigo told Curbed that the over 23-story building will have around 200 units.
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