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Old East Harlem School Finally Being Redeveloped As 90 Units

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It's always fun when projects resurface after nearly a decade of no news, but it's considerably less fun when the project morphs from completely kooky to very normal. Such is the case of 2269 First Avenue at 117th Street in East Harlem, an old school that's being turned into a mixed-used project. New York YIMBY spotted new renderings from the prolific Isaac & Stern Architects that show the current five-story, brick and stone building being incorporated into a new nine-story building that will look largely the same, except for that big chunk of glass on the corner. Back in 2005, rendering showed a crazy zig-zagging mess of glass plopped on top of the school. It also appears that the developer, Acuity Capital Partners, added the adjacent lot to the mix, allowing for an even larger building. Permits were approved last June for a 69,000-square-foot structure with 90 apartments and 4,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.
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