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Affordable Housing May Be Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park

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The Bloomberg administration established the plan to fund Brooklyn Bridge Park by building on-site luxury apartments, but now that de Blasio is in charge he's putting his own spin on it, and talking about adding affordable housing to the mix. Predictably, some of the neighbors are not taking the news well.

At a meeting with neighborhood groups last week, park officials revealed that a 16-story, 140-unit tower, the smaller of two buildings planned for Pier 6, could include an affordable component. "We can secure the necessary funding to maintain this world-class park while simultaneously providing an affordable housing component to ensure this community actually represents Brooklyn," a de Blasio spokesperson told the Journal. The neighborhood groups seem to be split, with some members wondering why anything would be built in the park that won't help pay for its upkeep, some supporting affordable housing, and some still opposing anything being built at all. De Blasio made affordable housing a major part of his platform, and earlier this week released his 10-year plan, which includes building 80,000 new units and preserving an additional 120,000.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201