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Stabilized Tribeca Tenant May Lose Home After AirBnB Scandal

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A rent-stabilized tenant may be getting the boot for allegedly listing her expansive Tribeca pad on AirBnB. 460 Greenwich Street veteran Eileen Hickey-Hulme's landlord claims that the 40-year tenant "ran a hotel" out of her long-time home by chartering her stabilized pad for short- or long-term stays, says NYDN. The Tribeca building's landlord now wants the tenant out. Under state rent laws, tenants are forbidden to rent their stabilized pads for more than 30 days per year unless they continue to occupy them with their subtenant. The lawsuit charges that Hickey-Hulme, who pays a monthly rent of $1,463, has since September 2012 collected $250 per night, $1,750 per week, or $4,500 per month for her graciously-sized loft in the ritzy 'hood. No wonder Hickey-Hulme's landlords are peeved—so peeved that they're demanding the court determine how much "unjust enrichment" the tenant acquired from her activity, and to award them that amount. Hickey-Hulme also keeps a home in the Hamptons.
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