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Angular Glass Tower May Bring 108 Dwellings to Far East Side

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A new multi-use building is coming to the site of a Yeshiva University lecture hall. Although the design is still speculative, YIMBY notes the building on 34th Street between Second and Third avenues secured permits for an enlargement in December. As is, the Alex Forkosh-developed, C3D Architecture-designed building, will rise 23 stories and be topped with 108 apartments, with lower floors occupied by 6,000-square-feet of commercial space and 7,000-square-feet of community space.

Forkosh's purchase of the site—in 2012 for $15.5 million—came with an interesting caveat: due to the perpetually under-construction Second Avenue subway, the MTA might have to seize a piece of the lot, presumably for an underground entrance. Well, in the long run, that ramps up the convenience of the site's far east side location, but with the rate at which the Second Avenue subway is plugging along and a 2016 finish date anticipated for the site, dwellers will most certainly be around for the clamor.