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Staten Island's Eerie, Historic Haunted House Wants $1.74M

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A mature Italianate-style mansion in Staten Island's Egbertville is on the market for $1.74 million. Other than by its address of 2475 Richmond Road, the 1855 structure is known as the Mayer House after Gustave A. Mayer, a former occupant and father of the Nabisco sugar wafer. Mayer lived in the home until his 1918 death, and while there's no proof to substantiate the home is haunted by the ghost of the late confectioner, the old structure does seem to have a spectral quality about it. The 1989 landmarked home looks like the stuff of Anthropologie catalog scene dreams; and these days, it quite literally might be. The 7,700-square-foot historic house and its half-acre grounds are now used as a photographic location rental. Via the site's Facebook,

These [rentable] sites consist of 3,000 square feet of distressed interiors. Included are several large rooms, hallways, stairs, marble fireplaces, painted murals and old world millwork. The large windows supply an abundant flow of still natural light. Some of the wall textures are such that only time itself could authentically produce. This site has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, W, Elle, and New York Magazine, just to name a few. It has been choose by many of the world's top photographers and designers in the industry. It is currently used for high fashion editorials, advertising, catalogs and has provided back drops to musicians, actors and actresses alike. The property's owner lives on the three-story home's first floor, which has been renovated. The remainder of the building remains in its un-doctored, fashion shoot-worthy state.

The home sought to be priced at $2.31 million, but the seller has deducted $520,000 from the cost for an exterior restoration and $50,000 for an interior renovation. In 2001, the Historic Properties Fund awarded the owners a $28,000 loan and $5,000 grant to restore direly impaired fixtures like the home's drainage system, roofing, and flashing on the third floor and cupola.
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