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Landlord Group Launches Ad Campaign for Higher Rents

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The Rent Stabilization Association (so named because they hate rent stabilization, which makes total sense; don't think about it too hard) has launched a six-figure ad campaign to convince everyone that landlords don't have enough money.

The campaign is being called "A rent freeze hurts everyone," as "A rent freeze hurts us" and "We like money" must have already been already taken. It will run on radio and TV until June 23, when the Rent Guidelines Board is set to vote on the first ever rent freeze in New York City history, which would affect a million rent-stabilized tenants. The 30-second spots feature a narrator saying things like, "Small-building owners put their rent increases right back into their buildings for repairs and maintenance" (of course, that's exactly what landlordsan inherently trustworthy group of peopledo with all their extra money) and "People think all landlords are rich, but over 70% of our members are small-property owners." Yes, who will think of the hardworking small-property owners like poor Joel and Aaron Israel, who, to make ends meet, were forced to smash one of their building's boilers with an ax and rip apart their rent-stabilized tenants' kitchens under the guise of repairs, forcing them onto the street? It's about time somebody stood up for those little guys.
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