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New Alphabet City Rental Adopts Pop Star's Name: The Adele

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First The Robyn launched rentals on East Third Street between Avenues C and D, and now the 12-story mixed-use building at East Houston Street and Avenue D has a new name: The Adele. (It's also going by a new address, 310 East 2nd Street.) EV Grieve posted photos of the new signage, which touts a teaser site with a nonsensical slogan and promises leasing will start any day now. Let's see if invoking a successful singer's name works for the building formerly known as Alphabet Plaza, which has 125 rentals and amenities that include a doorman, gym, rooftop terrace, bike storage, and tenant recreation room, plus a washer/dryer and "built-in bluetooth speakers" in every pad. Thirty of the units are affordable and doled out via lottery, while the market-rate ones were set to range from $2,500 to $3,600/month. But that was in November, so let's bet they'll be higher.
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Alphabet Plaza

5 Avenue D, New York, NY