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Big Reveal: $900K For a Duplex Garden Apt. in Bed-Stuy

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Guesses for this week's PriceSpotter hit pretty close to home, and some even the nail on the head: the two-bedroom garden level duplex at 396 Franklin Avenue wants $900,000. "$900,000 exactly," guessed commenter Memo Mart, "and they'll probably get above asking..." Another commenter compared the prospect of buying the space to "paying to stay at Riker's." Commenter Portnoy's Complaint echoed the sentiment, "The bars on the nursery are pretty grim. The rest is utilitarian, but the functional fireplace, pristine wood floors and landscaped garden show effort." Yeah, we see that. The sellers bought the home for $590,585 in 2011, so if they do win over $900,000, that's not too shabby a turnover.

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