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$3.35M LIC Condo Sale Sets New Price Record for Queens

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Queens has a new record for the most expensive condo ever sold. An apartment at Hunter's Point's The View has just snagged the distinction with its $3.35 million sale. The ground-floor garden apartment was purchased by an international buyer who paid in cash, reports TRD. The View development has a history of breaking record listing prices in the borough, notably with its two recent record-shattering listings that, in rapid succession, became Queens' Most Expensive Condo. In March, the now sold Apartment #107 came onto the market for $3.58 million, boasting its high ceilings and backyard views of Manhattan. Just two weeks later, a new View apartment appeared on the market asking a rather lofty $5.388 million. While that apartment—Penthouse A—remains on the market, #107's buyer can revel in his (more than likely) brief distinction of being the owner of Queens' Most Expensive Sold Condo. The borough's former Most Expensive Sold Condo was another View apartment that traded to an Australian buyer in 2012 for $3.15 million.

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