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Inside Red Hook's Decrepit Warehouse Before Condos Come

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Near the waterfront in Red Hook, just south of the BQE, there lies a giant warehouse that's about to be transformed in the name of a luxury condo conversion. 160 Imlay Street's design and its future apartments look gorgeous—and boy, will they be expensive. Curbed intern Hannah Frishberg has been trolling the area's industrial digs since before developers "discovered" it, and shimmied in to take a sneak peek before construction really gets underway. Spotted, among other sights: graffiti everywhere; haphazard, jerry-rigged lighting; a radio blasting 1010 WINS; and a handwritten sign saying 24 HOUR SECURITY with nary a guard in sight.
—Hannah Frishberg

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160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231