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Motion to Ban Smoking Fails in Upper West Side Building

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After a long, grueling battle over a possible smoking ban in the Upper West Side's Vaux building, the smokers have emerged victorious, after the pro-ban contingent of the building's condo board failed to produce the necessary votes.

When we last visited 372 Central Park West, the residents were gearing up for a fight, even inviting the so-called Peace Institute of New York to help mediate the situation. But now the results are in, and according to the Observer, a vote earlier this week yielded 198 ballots in favor of the ban and 94 opposed. In order to alter the condo by laws, the pro-ban people would have needed a two-thirds majority consisting of all unit owners.

One anti-ban advocate in the building argued that the reason the motion failed was because residents viewed it as not just a nuisance or a public health issue, but also one of personal freedom.

"The board thought that if they framed the issue in terms of smoking only, they would get enough support, because smoking is unpopular," said Candice Elliot. "But people saw that it was not merely a smoking issue, but one of an activist board whose members saw themselves as being on the vanguard of this anti-smoking movement."
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