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That's Rather Hideous

Neighbors are up in arms about the future of 145 West 118th Street, now that the new owners of the townhouse has made it clear that they'll be tearing down the whole thing. The house really is gorgeous, and—according to Harlem Bespoke—it's going to be replaced by a "bland brick column model for some reason," instead of a more aesthetically pleasing glass tower added to the original facade. One commenter who claimed to be the block president on West 118th wrote: "For years prior to my arrival in 2001 this neighborhood has had "historic district" signs up on the street lights - i guess giving the older owners some false hope that their neighborhood was worthwhile - but [sic] thes fasle hopes have no more worth than toilet paper when it comes to retaining the architectural heritage of the area." [Harlem Bespoke]