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Renderings Revealed for Proposed Frick Collection Expansion

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Last week, The Frick Collection announced that it was planning a massive expansion, increasing the museum's overall space by 60,000 square feet and connecting the famed Upper East Side mansion with the museum's art reference library.

More renderings of the proposed expansion are now available, plus additional details. It looks like the proposal will include an additional gallery space on the first floor, as well as opening several second-story rooms for the first time. This would allow more objects from the permanent collection to be exhibited and—according to the Frick press release—offer visitors "a greater sense of how the Frick family lived in the Gilded-Age house."

The expansion will feature two new classrooms, a new study room, and an updated conservation lab and auditorium. Logistical improvements will include an enlarged entrance hall, new elevators/ramps, and a new shop. There will also be a "meditative rooftop garden terrace" open to visitors.

The annex would rise six stories and would be designed by Davis Brody Bond Architects
and Planners in a fitting Beaux-Arts style. If approved by the city, construction could begin in 2017.

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