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Extell Finally Begins Likely Massive Third Avenue Project

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The first three stations of the Second Avenue Subway are going to be ready in 2016 (or so they say) and when if they open, Extell Development may be waiting for them with a brand new residential tower. Demolition permits were filed this month for two buildings — numbers 1681 and 1683 — that Extell owns on Third Avenue, and we may soon know why the developing giant has spent the last decade accumulating five consecutive sites there. (Well, we like likely already know why but we may soon get to see what the massive condo tower is going to look like... Well, we likely already know what it's going to look like but we may soon get to see just ... how ... shiny the glass will be?)

Extell acquired the first two sites, 1687 and 1689, in 2004, then picked up 1681 and 1683 (along with accompanying air rights) in January of 2013. The last piece of the puzzle, 1685, was purchased the following month. Further details of the project, whatever it is, have yet o be revealed but, but The Real Deal report that "the residential zone where the properties are located allows for the highest density residential development in the city." So, let's just say we've got a pretty good guess as to what it's going to be.
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