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Residential Tower Planned for Corner of York Ave. and 74th

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Architectural firm the Stephen B. Jacobs Group is pretty busy these days, designing buildings in such disparate areas as the Upper West Side, Lower East Side, Downtown Brooklyn, and others. And they can add the Upper East Side to that list, as a new 20-story, 83-unit tower is set to rise at 501 East 74th Street, on the corner of York Avenue. While it has not been made clear whether the building will be condos or rentals, we do know from Department of Buildings permits that it is going to be 71,703 square feet, total, for an average of 864 square feet per unit.

The development's official website isn't much yet, simply identifying the building as "under construction," but it does include an initial rendering. Although there isn't a whole lot to note about the facade, it does look like there are going to be a lot of balconies, maybe as many as one per unit, and what looks like a large, multi-story penthouse on top, possibly indicating that these are going to be condos. Permits list the owner as Golden Asset LLC, represented by Benjamin Ohebshalom of Sky Management. UPDATE: As commenter REspectator points out, Mr. Ohebshalom may have had some problems with tenants in the past.
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