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Then & Now Photographs Depict the Rise of New York City

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[The Dakota from Central Park in 1890 and 2014. All images by Cora Drimus.]

Following an April trip to NYC, Switzerland-based hobby photographer Cora Drimus compiled a compelling series of then and now images which, quite literally, show the rise of the city over the past century. Drimus told Business Insider that making a video of New York would be "even more fun" than the three she's previously compiled of Romania. As BI playfully points out, if photographs are worth a thousand words, Drimus's shots speak volumes about the city and its history.

Looking towards lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886 and 2014.

Madison Avenue at 72nd Street, captured in 1887 as the Charles Tiffany residence, now a 1937 Rosario Candela co-op building.

Times Square's Loew's State Theater on Broadway in the 1930's and today. The theater was demolished in 1987.

Columbus Circle at Broadway and Central Park West in 1899 and 2014.

The Brooklyn Bridge in 1905 and 2014.

Fifth Avenue and 65th Street, formerly the Astor Mansion, now Temple Emanu-El.

Looking down Park Avenue from 57th Street in 1905 and 2014.

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