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New Nestio Site Gives Brokers Real-Time Rental Listing Info

THE WORLD WIDE WEB—"Imagine a world where everyone in real estate is on the same page." That's how Nestio CEO Caren Maio envisions the New York city rental market, and how it could function better. (That's presuming, of course, that you think it currently functions at all.) Maio relaunched the company last year, making Nestio a centralized platform for major landlords to manage their listings, which were previously tracked via low-tech methods like an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet and disseminated to brokers in weekly e-mail blasts.

Now Nestio has rolled out an extension of their current offerings, a brand-new site aimed at brokers that allows them to see when new rental listings become available from landlords (who are also their clients). Major brokerages, such as Century 21 Metropolitan, City Sites, Mirador Real Estate, BOLD New York, NY Casa Group, and Sommerlyn Associates, are already signed on. Instead of receiving an e-mail from a major landlord once a week with available properties, or waiting for the listing to show up on StreetEasy or another rental-search platform, Nestio aims to connect the agents and landlords so that, ultimately, prospective renters never have to show up for an apartment-viewing only to hear, "Oh, sorry, it was snatched up this morning." The broker would already know it was taken, because he or she would get that update in real-time.

The site is mobile-friendly—since brokers are often on the go—as well as accessible via tablet, laptop, or desktop. It not only presents a list (and details, above) of available apartments that a broker can search, filter, and sort according to his or her client's needs—number of bedrooms, price, neighborhood, etc.—but also has an easy-to-use system for e-mailing a client possible rental prospects (below). The idea: for information-sharing about rental apartments to be quick and painless, which is a goal pretty much everybody can get behind. [CurbedWire Inbox; official; previously]