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Check Out This Village Building's Vaunted Robot Parking

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The parking garage-turned-condo conversion at 12 East 13th Street will be the city's first building to use the Park Plus robotic parking system, and now, along with the building's new-to-market $7.5 million listing, comes a glimpse of the mystical, human-less endeavor that Curbed has yet to dote over. As per previous coverage,

Residents pull up to the private parking entrance on the first floor and, after they get out of their cars, the car is lifted up to the second floor and parked there by robot. Residents can also pick up their cars via smartphone in less than 30 seconds. During a tour of the CetraRuddy-designed building's sales office, a bystander noted that the feature is ideal for celebrities, who can enter the building through the private car entry port, and retrieve their car with only passing through the building's lobby.

Prospective residents have a bevy of the building's eight units to chose from: from the $7.5 million, three-bedroom residence 7 to the $30.5 million, five-bedroom glassy penthouse addition.
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