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Behold, The Most Cluttered, Chaotic Loft in All of New York

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Back in 2011, when the Times profiled Paige Stevenson and Ahnika Meyer's 1,500-square-foot South Williamsburg loft, it was dubbed a "21st-century cabinet of curiosities" that's "filled with stuff—some of it eccentric, much of it old and almost all of it scavenged, from remote sites like steel mills near Pittsburgh and others as close as the curb outside." Now blogger Messy Nessy Chic is calling it "the most eccentric Airbnb pad in NYC." Both are a rather kind way of saying that the residence, part of which is available to rent on Airbnb (when the couple is home) for $400/night, is packed to the gills with a dizzying array of furnishings and tchotchkes, from hats and metal rakes to an ancient wicker wheelchair and 1913 upright piano billed as having "a quirky sound, mostly in tune." Don't forget about the taxidermied beasts and the indoor jungle. Guests stay in a lofted area that overlooks the main living area, which includes a "dance space," though it's hard to envision where one would find the room to bust a move. A word of warning: claustrophobes need not apply.

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