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Peek Inside Staten Island's Long-Shuttered Paramount Theater

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Built in 1930 on the site of Cornelius Vanderbilt's childhood farmhouse, Staten Island's art deco Paramount Theater still stands, but without much of an intent these days. In the time since it's 1977 shuttering as a theater, the site has doubled as a nightclub and a venue, hosting groups like The Ramones, Metallica, Venom, and the Dead Kennedys. The theater was closed for good in the late 1980's although Scouting New York, who gained rare entree into the site, says the owner is "actively trying to restore the theater and open it as a functioning venue." It's been decades since the site's beautiful original details were cared for; there's a ways to go before the Paramount's doors can open again.

For more views inside the theater, check out Scouting NY.
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