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Neighbors Not Thrilled About East Village 'Frat House'

In 2011, a pre-meltdown Alec Baldwin complained that the Village is "one big bus depot for drunken young people." He wasn't wrong, as the neighbors of 205 Avenue A have learned.

205 Avenue A, you may remember, is the new rental building where a six-bedroom apartment advertised itself on Craigslist as an "EAST VILLAGE FRAT HOUSE !!!!!" with "A KITCHEN THAT WILL EVOKE WONDERFUL MEALS." Apparently that was a highly effective marketing strategy as there now appears to be an actual frat (or some equivalent thereof) living in the $11,500/month apartment. A tipster informs EV Grieve that:

Rooftop parties have included a DJ with sound system and the backyard patio has a large outdoor screen for movies and sports. The backyard is part of a typical configuration whereby many buildings overlook their shared backyard areas which creates a kind of echoey canyon where even the smallest noises are amplified. Residents have tried to contact the building's owner, Icon Realty, who has been unresponsive. (Shocking that a landlord who advertised one of its apartments in all caps on Craigslist as a frat house would be unresponsive.) Icon's previous career highlights include some standard rent-stabilized tenant harassment, and getting sued by Robert A.M. Stern for half a million in unpaid design bills. The neighbors are instead taking their complaints to anyone else who will listen, among them the local police precinct, the community board, Councilmember Rosie Mendez and State Senator Brad Hoylman. Sounds like a better bet.
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