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Fisher Bros.' Affordable Rentals with Pool Will Look Like This

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Yesterday's news that Fisher Brothers is planning a 36-story building with 20 percent affordable housing and a pool for Murray Hill has been supplemented with two preliminary renderings of the planned tower. Looks like it's going to be glassy.

Other new details include the fact that the building is being designed by Handel Architects, the firm behind such projects as the Cornell Tech residential tower; the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park; the Caledonia; and others, as well as information about the planned development's size. It total, it will come to 374,490 square feet divided between the 372 apartments (an average of 1,007 square feet per unit). As previously reported, there will be a bounty of amenities including a pool, which is unusual for an affordable building. The building is expected to be completed in 2017, and, like Extell's big project much further uptown, it may be banking on the eventuality of the Second Avenue Subway, which will arrive in its general vicinity by 2020 if everything goes according to plan (ha).
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