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Inside Brooklyn's Meticulous, Hand-Crafted Gingerbread House

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Once called the "most magnificent residence in all of New York City" by the Daily News, what fans know these days as Bay Ridge's Gingerbread House is truly as magical on the inside as it is distinct on the outside. The home sits on top of a rolling hill, on a parcel that occupies the entire blockfront along Narrows Avenue. The expansive lot, dotted with patios and terraces that line the approximately 6,000-square-foot home, is, according to the brokerbabble, equivalent in size to ten townhomes; it is a prize that is nowadays commanding $10.5 million.

The home was built in 1917 for shipping merchant Howard E. Jones and designed by James Sarsfield Kennedy in the Arts & Crafts style. The trend sought to undercut the rise of industrialization and mechanization in late 19th century life by emphasizing the use of natural materials, craftsmanship, and picturesque silhouette and profile. From the Gingerbread Home's undulating thatched-remiscient roof to the abundant hand-painted glass panels throughout, many original aspects of the home that won exterior landmarks recognition in 1988 are preserved and cared for. And what a doozy they are.
In the past century, the home has only been lived in by four different parties, it's now looking for its fifth.
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