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One of Billyburg's Church Conversions Looks Like It Won't Suck

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Williamsburg's former St. Mary's Catholic Church at 81 Ten Eyck Street (alternately 74 Maujer Street) is inching closer to its second life as 40 apartments. The conversion of the 21,404-square-foot building is being lead by the omnipresent Nataliya Donskoy of ND Architecture, who also has her hands in several other nearby church-to-residential conversions. Looking at the building, we have to give her some credit; unlike Donskoy's heinous buildings of original design, this conversion doesn't look half bad. Despite 'Stoner's new view of the site, it doesn't look like much has happened with the proposed two-story vertical extension of the three-story building. According to permits, the Catholic Church still owns the lot which they leased to the developer in 2012 for $6 million.
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