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The Gowanus, Where Citi Bikes Go to Die; Win an Ikea Makeover

GOWANUS CANAL—Consider it a desperate call for a neighborhood docking station. We spotted this unfortunate Citi Bike pitched into the canal off of the Carroll Street bridge, where it will suffer a sad, probably unnaturally accelerated deterioration. Whoever ponied up with their credit card to rent that bike has another thing coming. Lost/"lost" or stolen bikes?: $1,200. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

NEW YORK CITY—Ikea enthusiasts, rejoice. The Ikea Home Team is looking to tackle disparate home improvement needs. To apply for a chance to receive a makeover furnished by Ikea, homeowners need to submit a video that provides the details of their design challenge and how Ikea can help them improve their home. The video deadline is June 25. [CurbedWire inbox; official; previously]